Hungry Giraffe Review

Hungry Giraffe Review

Hungry Giraffe is the latest PlayStation Mini title from developer Laughing Jackal, placing gamers in control of a gluttonous giraffe with an insatiable appetite for all manners of edible delights. Clearly, this giraffe isn’t the healthiest creature, as the concept of dieting or self-control is lost on this long-necked mammal.

Developer: Laughing Jackal
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Mini (Reviewed)
Players: Single-Player
Genre: Arcade/Adventure
Release: February 1st, 2012
Price: £2.49/€3.49

As the title implies, Hungry Giraffe sees players take control of a starved giraffe in search of delectable treats lingering in the sky. Stretching its neck to ridiculous lengths, the aim is to chow down on as many snacks and achieve the highest score possible. The menu is out of the norm for this ungulate, ranging from apples and strawberries to cheeseburgers and fries. Eat your way to new heights but be careful, the latter isn’t all tummy friendly with adverse side effects for popping the wrong food types.

Designed with simplicity in mind, take control of the analogue stick (or joypad) to guide the giraffe’s excessively long neck, snaking your way up and up towards as much food as graphical-ly? possible. Controls are easy enough to grasp and responsive to inputs and quick-change directional flicks.

Going against dietary advice, the more you eat strangely has positive benefits, propelling the giraffe to new heights and greater scores, all in the name of your own personal glory. Hindering progress is the no-no foods that include anvils, dumbbells, potions, and artificial pills. Chaffing on these has adverse effects: ‘rainbow sick’, aka. vomit blocks vision, potions flip your control scheme whereas dumbbells will drag you back down from your skyward adventure.

The name of the game is eating the right food types and when you get it wrong, oh boy does Hungry Giraffe punish you. The rising momentum comes to an abrupt halt and it becomes a fight for survival as the giraffe’s neck bends and twists in all directions that not even a well-trained orthopedist could solve. Where your giraffe is placed at the time of said food poisoning ultimately determines whether this setback can be overcome. Situations of the food supply are too sparsely placed to make for a hopeless struggle as the giraffe sadly plummets back down headfirst.

Naturally, there are ways to avoid this ‘game over’ scenario by collecting yellow hats which Laughing Jackal claims are the giraffe’s favourite headpiece. The hats look remarkably like a construction helmet and will provide a quick burst of speed when you tap the X button, hopefully shooting the giraffe upwards to a safe patch of edible delights to keep your journey chugging along. In addition to the hats, there are also chilli peppers which offer a similar beneficial boost should you need a quick pick-me-up. Careful resource management is instrumental to your success in Hungry Giraffe so keep a few spares up your sleeve for when things get a little sticky.

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